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SAFER Banking Act Passes by 14-9 Vote, Advances to Full Senate
Recent legislative and regulatory events, including the potential rescheduling from Schedule I to Schedule III and the SAFER Banking Act, are leading to a dramatic shift in the cannabis industry, with a particular impact on cannabinoid research.
Cannabinoid Combination Shows Anticancer Activity in Ovarian Cancer Cells
Israeli researcher finds that a combination of THC, CBC, and CBG shows anticancer activity against ovarian cancer cells. The cannabinoids also worked well with niraparib—a common chemotherapy drug—but not at all with gemcitabine, another chemotherapy drug.
California Cancer Center Finds Few Barriers To Implementing Ryan’s Law
California state law requires cancer centers to allow patients with terminal disease to use cannabis, contradicting federal law. That has left some oncology nurses uncertain about their roles and responsibilities, but a survey-based pilot study suggests most will be comfortable overseeing patient self-administration of cannabis in clinical settings, and that they will see palliative benefits…
Psychedelic Therapy May Help A Range of Conditions, New Research Suggests
Psychedelic therapies could someday help treat a range of conditions ranging from alcoholism to Alzheimer’s disease and from long COVID to chronic Lyme disease.
CBD Well-Tolerated, Few Adverse Events  
A systematic literature review examining the use of cannabidiol (CBD) for a variety of medical conditions shows that CBD is well-tolerated in adults and children, with few adverse events (AEs). The literature review, published in Current Neuropharmacology, noted that more research is needed around interactions with other medications. “Compelling evidence from preclinical and clinical studies…
CBD Safety Profile: Real-World Evidence Study Shows Compelling Results for Full-Spectrum CBD
With demand for hemp extracts growing rapidly, researcher Kevin Spelman, PhD, MCPP, decided to conduct a real-world evidence study examining the safety profile of full-spectrum CBD products.

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