May 2021 - Volume 3, Issue 1
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Volume 3, Issue 1
Volume 3, Issue 1

Shaw et al. describe a case of high-dose cannabidiol treatment for acute opioid withdrawal in a patient with opioid use disorder during the transition to abstinence maintenance. Boehnke examines national trends in qualifying conditions for medical cannabis. Experts paint a cautionary tale for the medical supply as more states move toward adult-use cannabis and we explore how cannabinoid-based therapy can both hurt and help patients infected with COVID-19.

In this Issue

Cannabis in the News
With false claims circulating about the effectiveness of cannabis to treat COVID-19 and studies rapidly pouring out of labs and hospitals, it is challenging to make sense of it all. AJEM spoke with leading cannabis researchers and physicians to reflect on what we’ve learned after a year of COVID-19. In short, it’s complicated. Medical cannabinoid…
Cannabis Policy
The year 2020 brought a tsunami of events that led to a rise in demand and a fall in supply of medical cannabinoid products in the United States. AJEM spoke with officials and physicians from 3 states that were reporting cannabis shortages—Illinois, Maryland, and Florida—about its effect on patients. Additionally, panic-related buying due to the…
Clinical Distillation
Pain researcher discusses findings from his latest study: Boehnke KF, et al. Qualifying conditions of medical cannabis license holders in the United States. Health Aff (Millwood). 2019;38(2):295-302.
A pediatric critical care physician provides commentary on a recent study: Efron D, et al. Does cannabidiol reduce severe behavioural problems in children with intellectual disability? Study protocol for a pilot single-site I/II randomized placebo-controlled trial. BMJ Open. 2020;10(3):e034362.